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Jun 2013


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What's Wrong with the Employee Engagement Process and how to Improve it?

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Overview: After years of excitement, the honeymoon is over and the time has come to treat employee engagement the same way that we treat other established talent management functions. It is no longer enough to be a "champion" of engagement. Instead, professionals in charge of engagement need to "raise the bar" and begin demonstrating the direct impact that comes from high employee engagement scores.

During this webinar you will learn how to more clearly define engagement and then to identify the problems related to measuring and improving employee engagement. The focus will then shift to proven methods and approaches that can allow you to improve the effectiveness of your engagement effort. The webinar will also cover the relationship between engagement and related issues like increasing productivity, retention and innovation and how different generations require different engagement approaches.

Why should you attend: it is almost impossible to argue against the fact that employee engagement is a hot issue among managers, executives and HR professionals. Even though employee engagement has been a million-dollar issue for a while, however as the economy improves, it's important to recognize that engaging top talent will become significantly more important but harder to accomplish. It's also important for professionals to realize that a great deal of the employee engagement work that is available to them has some serious shortcomings.

As a result, it's important to learn lessons from others that invested literally millions of dollars into employee engagement only to find that it is hard to prove that all of that effort produced a business impact. After the initial phase, if you hope to continue or expand your engagement efforts, you will need the capability of building a strong business case that demonstrates the direct relationship between an increase in employee engagement and a later increase in business results. Unfortunately, most engagement tools were developed during tough economic times where employee engagement and retention are naturally higher. Leaders need to realize that those tools will need to be updated when the next "war for talent" strikes your industry.

Areas Covered in the Session:
Understanding the goals and potential business impacts of employee engagement
Learning about the real problems associated most employee engagement efforts and how to avoid them
Overcoming management skepticism about the impact of employee engagement
Improving the way that you measure and assess employee engagement
What are the most effective tools and methods for increasing employee engagement
The inter-relationships between engagement and other talent issues like retention, productivity and innovation


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