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Apr 2014


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What is Project Modelling - Virtual seminar By EITAGlobal


Overview: This overview workshop explains the relationship between software estimation, project modeling and function point counting. The topics covered in this informative workshop include: What is Project Modeling and What is Project Estimation? High Level Overview of Modeling, Pre-requisites to Modeling, Project estimates during the Development Life Cycle -- How to Handle Scope Creep, Estimating Tools Overview (May be tailored to the estimating software already in place at the client site, if applicable), Inputs to the Modeling Process, What If's, Scope Creep and other considerations in Software Estimating, and What are the Benefits to Project Modeling? 

Why should you attend: Project estimation and sizing are two of the most misunderstood concepts in software development today. The Standish Group’s Chaos reports cite less than 40% of projects are successful – that is they are delivered on schedule and within budget. This creates distrust amongst stakeholders whose investments in software are critical. Discover reasons for software project overruns and implement better ways to estimate and achieve project goals from the outset. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • To apply IFPUG Function Point counting rules to determine the functional size of web-based software.
  • To provide "web" guidance on the General System Characteristics (GSCs).
  • To identify the characteristics of web-based software that are important for project estimating (functional and non-functional requirements).

Who Will Benefit: Individuals who have previously taken function point training, but have not had experience counting web-based software.

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