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Mar 2017
Mar 2017


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USITT: United States Institute for Theatre Technology 2017


Event Overview:

USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo is the entertainment and theatre industries' leading event for education, networking and resourcing of products and services. 

Education & Training

12 Tracks of conference education
Professional Development Worshops
USITT Presents Manufacturer Trainings
Sound Lab Hands-On Experience

Stage Expo

More than 280 Exhibiting Companies
The largest full production event in America
Special exhibits honoring the experts and showcasing Innovations

Special Events

Opening Night Party and New Products Showcase
A Celebration of Wisdom & Achievement
International Reception
USITT Tech Olympics

Attendee Information:

Why Attend?

USITT is the only event where your entire production team can collaborate with manufacturers of all the different production disciplines, network with other professionals around the industry and learn from seasoned experts. Why shouldn't you attend?

USITT is the place to generate new ideas, examine new products, create and strengthen connections, and learn about what you need to succeed in the coming production and year.

USITT's Annual Conference & Stage Expo draws together practioners from all corners of entertainment and performing arts - and with all levels of experience.

Conference attendees work within the industry - more than 13 percent work on more than 21 productions a year - and that's a heck of a lot of experience that they bring with them to sessions and discussions. More than 40% of USITT attendees work in venues with 300-1500 seats requiring updated technologies and services.

Exhibitor Information:

Why be part of Stage Expo?

Your audience is here! Stage Expo delivers a wide range of attendees; from designers and venue management, to business owners, to students and educators. USITT produces a show like no other. The diversity of experts and academics, combined with new and seasoned professionals from a broad variety of disciplines, cannot be found at any other event.

Exhibiting at USITT allows you to find organizations that are creating productions today, and to educate the minds of tomorrow's designers and managers about your products. Stage Expo is a singular resource they use to find all the products and services they will need to create world class productions as they advance their careers.  Our exhibiting companies offer products and services to create the complete event for the entertainment professional:

Video Projection     
Scenic Elements     
Show Control
Tools and Equipment     
Higher Education
Special Effects

About USITT:

It is the design, production, and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry that the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) has served since 1960.

The Institute provides an environment for these professionals to connect, create, share, and communicate their craft. This is outlined in the Institute’s Mission and Vision and carried out through its Organizational Structure. USITT has 3800+ members throughout the United States, Canada, and 40 other countries. The USITT Office is located in Syracuse, New York.

USITT is also the United States Center of OISTAT: The International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians.

More than 70% of USITT attendees Authorize or Recommend purchases for their organizations They need products and services: 51% of attendees work on 1-10 productions 15% of attendees work on 11-20 productions 13% of attendees work on 21+ productions
Sponsorship Details:
Whether before the event or at Stage Expo, promotion makes the difference. Highlight your presence and invest in additional event marketing opportunities. USITT sponsorships are designed to maximize exposure for the sponsor while enhancing the experience of our attendees.


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