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Oct 2013


2500 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300 Arlington , Virginia 22201


Michelle Melsop
Tel: (703) 907-7002

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Michelle Melsop
Tel: (703) 907-7002


Taly Walsh
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Gaylord National 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor , Maryland 20745
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TIA 2013 - Telecommunications Industry Association


Overview & Attendees:

What is TIA 2013: The Future of the Network?

With the explosion in demand for networked devices, the growing spectrum crunch, supply chain issues and robust innovations in technology, 2013 will be a critical year for networks that affect billions of devices and millions of consumers. TIA 2013: The Future of the Network is a conference designed to capture and synthesize the challenges and directions of industry leaders, and provide a platform for learning and business development around the critical topics surrounding the future of the global network.

During 2 1/2 days of intensive learning, insightful discussions and related technology demonstrations, TIA 2013 will offer attendees new ideas, understanding and directions for adapting their product launches, technology innovations and business models in order to thrive in the rapidly-changing ICT environment.

Who Exhibits?

▶▶Network Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs, Suppliers, VARs, Distributors

▶▶Network Application Developers and Innovators

▶▶Grid Communications Solutions Providers

▶▶M2M Solutions Providers

▶▶Fiber and Cabling Suppliers

▶▶Innovators on The Network

Sponsorship Details:
Sponsoring TIA 2013: The Future of the Network Together we are defining the Future of the Network as the only global ICT gathering to plan for the growth and design of tomorrow’s Network; an event bringing together the influential thought leaders, decision makers, technologists, engineers, academia, business users and government policy makers of the industry. We invite your company to sponsor this unique event. The benefits of sponsorship include: Proven Access To The highest levels within the carrier community Influential network application designers and engineers An international community of service providers Government policy makers Customer base within government agencies, academia and business Analysts and the media A High ROI Format Concierged Business Interaction: We help you make the right contacts for your business Educational Interaction: Sharing insights to advance the industry Global Brand Visibility: Online video, TIA’s influential presence in governmental and international circles, and social media expertise enhance your reach beyond the three days of TIA 2013 Innovation Demos: Your truly innovative solutions on display in the Solutions Zone TIA 2013 Leadership Video Series: Participation within the high-profile quarterly feature episodes being developed and promoted worldwide between October 2012 and October 2013 A Focus on Topics Critical to the Future of the Network and our Industry Network Transformation Cloud M2M Remote Health and Learning Energy Efficient Networks LTE and IPV6 Small Cell Technology Datacenter Optimization Virtualization Big Data and more...


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