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Aug 2013


1258 North Palm Avenue Sarasota , Florida 34236-5604


MoneyShow | The Githler Center
Tel: (800) 970-4355

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MoneyShow | The Githler Center
Tel: 80082211342262


MoneyShow | The Githler Center
Tel: (800) 970-4355


San Francisco Marriott Marquis 780 Mission Street San Francisco , California 94103
Tel: (415) 896-1600
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The MoneyShow San Francisco 2013


The MoneyShow

in 1981 Kim and Charles Githler began their tradition of empowering the individual investor via face-to-face education with a pioneering series of Investment Seminars. These gatherings for people with a passion for investing immediately attracted a following of like-minded independent thinkers and choice-makers. Over time the Githlers evolved these seminars into The MoneyShow which spearheaded the field of investment tradeshows with its unique concept: inviting highly qualified investors, expert speakers, select exhibitors, and top financial media partners to gather in a live forum where their interaction creates a dynamic marketplace. At every MoneyShow, powerful educational programming is matched by displays of quality products and services, relationships are formed, and products are actually bought and sold either on the spot or in the future.

Exhibitors have learned the benefits of the extraordinary MoneyShow opportunity. Meeting face-to-face with their affluent, investment-savvy target market and networking with peers in the financial services arena, as well as with some of the largest media companies in the world, has proven itself over and over again to be good business. The innovative niche marketing and business model developed for The MoneyShow has been integral to its resounding success, both nationally and globally, as well as highly adaptable to the entire roster of MoneyShow productions that address the needs of various industry segments.

Today, with special focuses for each venue such as Green Investing and All-About-Gold, the pioneer of investment trade shows boasts more than 150 workshops and panel presentations, 75 financial and economic experts, and 100 financial services companies, attracting more than 20,000 highly qualified investors annually who are drawn to its inimitable experience. The MoneyShow is the largest, the best, and remains #1 in the nation.


Exhibit and connect with thousands of qualified active investors. This is your chance to generate leads, close sales, build long-term relationships, and stimulate future business

Past Attendee Demographics: Services used for investing advice or assistance: 66% Online broker 56% Discount broker 48% Advisory service or market timing service subscription 24% Direct-access trading account provider 21% Full service broker 15% Tax and estate advisor or planner 15% Financial advisor or planner 10% Futures or options trading advisor 8% Money manager Type of investments planning to purchase: 83% Stocks 54% Exchange Traded Funds 37% Options 37% Stocks of Foreign Companies or American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) 36% Resource Stocks (mining, energy, oil & gas, minerals, gems, precious metals, etc.) 33% Mutual Funds 26% Bonds 26% Master Limited Parnterships (MLPs) 24% REIT Funds 22% Renewable Energy Stocks 18% Mutual Funds focuses on foreign countries or their stocks 16% Futures or Commodities 12% Foreign Currency (Forex) 10% Real Estate (other than primary residence) 9% Green Stocks 5% Annuities 4% Managed Accounts
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