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Dec 2015
Dec 2015


McCormick Place West 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago , IL 60616
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The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference 2015

McCormick Place West
B2B 17,500 600 Booths, 350 Exhibitors (2014) (Previous Year)


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Event Overview:

For almost 70 years, we have showcased music industry trends, music education, and offered an array of clinics and exhibits for all age and experience levels. It is the largest music conference of its kind in the country.

Register today for The Midwest Clinic music conference, and take part in furthering music education while enjoying the international music camaraderie that only The Midwest Clinic can provide.

What We are About:

In 1946, a group of 120 music directors came together to share their knowledge of music and develop new ways to teach it. This gathering quickly grew and expanded into one of the best music conferences in the country, and perhaps the best music, band, and orchestra clinics in the world. Expounding on the original goals of the first band clinics, The Midwest Clinic now exists with the following Mission:

Raising instrumental music education standards by advancing pedagogical methodologies
Developing innovative teaching techniques
Assisting those interested in music education in their professional work
Presenting the newest available repertoire for bands and orchestra
Holding clinics to better music education

CLINICS - Band and Orchestra clinics offer attendees the opportunity to receive specific and detailed information about a wide variety of subject matters. From the best way to tune your instrument to the next innovation in music performance and education, music clinics hosted by The Midwest Clinic offer guests an in-depth look into a topic of their choice.

READING SESSIONS - This segment of The Midwest Clinic showcases live bands and orchestras performing highlights of the year’s new music pieces. Attendees can take notes during the music clinic about what they are hearing, and decide what may be best for their group in the upcoming year.

REHEARSAL LABS – These informative sessions are a live rehearsal for attendees to observe and learn the best teaching practices currently in action. Be a part of the clinic’s “live group," interacting with techniques and strategies from around the world. Take what is learned from The Midwest Clinic and make it part of your repertoire.  

WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCES - The Midwest Clinic also showcases professional musicians, adult ensembles, colleges and university bands, high school and grade school students, orchestras, community bands, and jazz bands!  

Who Can Attend?

Anyone and everyone with a passion for music and music education is welcome. The Midwest Clinic welcomes groups and individuals from all parts of the field of music education and music industry. Public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, educators, administrators, professional music organizations and anyone looking to learn about upcoming music trends and research based educational techniques is invited to attend. The Midwest Clinic offers its guests the latest in music education and industry trends, along with unprecedented access to music and teaching icons while keeping its rates competitive enough that schools, musicians and educators from any type of financial background have the same opportunity to attend this phenomenal music clinic. The Midwest Clinic is ideal for:

Instrumental Music Teachers
Fine Arts Administrators
Professional and Amateur Musicians
Military Musicians
College and University Teachers, Students and Administrators
Music Industry Representatives
Composers and Arrangers
Grade School and High School Music Students

The Midwest Clinic seeks to help musicians of all skill levels and stages advance into the next level of their careers.

Teachers and administrators can learn more about uniform companies and fundraising organizations at the band clinic, as well as music festival, travel and competition booths. High school and Graduate students can plan for their futures by visiting the different college and university booths in the Exhibit hall and at College Night. And everyone can try out the newest instrument brands and models, discover new music publications, meet/network with music industry professionals, and learn more about the latest music software and technology when visiting the band and orchestra clinics. These are just some of the vendor types and networking options that will be present at The Midwest Clinic:

Music Publishers
Uniform Companies
Instrument Manufacturers
Colleges and Universities
Fundraising Companies
Festivals, Travel and Competitions
Music Accessory Companies
Recording Companies
Stage Equipment Manufacturers
Music Education Journals
Software and New Technology Manufacturers and Distributors
Military Services
Performing Organizations
Music Camps
Instrumental Music Associations
Instrument Merchandise and Supplies

Exhibitor Information:

Why Should You Participate in the Midwest Clinic?

• Visibility.  The world’s largest conference for instrumental music educators provides you with the perfect showcase. We offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities to highlight your company or organization.

• Audience. With thousands of devoted attendees eager to discover the latest music education products and information, The Midwest Clinic is the best place to meet a diverse group of educators, administrators, students, professional musicians, composers, and music industry representatives.

• Networking.  The Midwest Clinic provides great opportunities for exhibitors to develop relationships with customers and colleagues.

• Best practices.  Stay on top of trends and see what others are presenting.

Not sure if you want to exhibit at or attend the The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference 2015? See the panels below to get the information you need to make an informed decision.


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Primary Industry:
Education Events
Other Industries:
Business, Education, Education Events, Other / Miscellaneous
Instrumental Music Teachers
Fine Arts Administrators
Professional and Amateur Musicians
Military Musicians
College and University Teachers, Students and Administrators
Music Industry Representatives
Composers and Arrangers
Grade School and High School Music Students
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Sponsorship: Yes

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