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Oct 2013


1121 S. Chance Avenue Fresno , California 93702


Dolly Brantley
Tel: (559) 650-3213

Event Manager



Dolly Brantley
Tel: (559) 650-3213


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Fresno Fairgrounds 1121 S. Chance Avenue Fresno , California 93702
Tel: (559) 650-3247
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The Big Fresno Fair 2013



The Big Fresno Fair is far more than just the Central Valley’s largest annual event, attracting nearly 550,000 patrons each year. It is a year-round rental facility spanning 165 acres held under a 50-year lease with the County of Fresno, and is host to over 175 events that annually attract more than 1 million additional visitors. Unique to all California fairs, the District operates two year-round satellite wagering facilities - The Starting Gate at the Fairgrounds and The Polo Lounge at Club One Casino in Downtown Fresno. From the Fair event, satellite wagering and interim events, more than 1.5 million people visit the Fairgrounds annually - a number that increases each year as the Fairgrounds’ popularity continues to grow, in part due to the many capital improvements completed over the past decade.

Educational Programs

The Big Fresno Fair is far more than just the Central Valley’s largest annual event, attracting nearly 550,000 patrons each year. The Big Fresno Fair is a long-standing tradition for Valley residents that not only provides a fun, family atmosphere in which they can create lasting memories – but a platform to help educate the youth of our community, teach them leadership skills and reward scholastic achievements. Through a variety of programs listed below, The Big Fresno Fair supports its mission: To educate, celebrate and have fun.

The Pavilion Stage offers a variety of FREE entertainment during The Big Fresno Fair!

From local dance groups to our popular hypnotist, the Pavilion is available for all our Fairgoers to enjoy and offers something for everyone...all for FREE!

Commercial Vendors:

The Big Fresno Fair hosts more than 300 different vendors, including home and self improvement items, sporting goods, collectibles, spas, information booths and much more!

The food you find at The Big Fresno Fair is unlike anything else.  This unique food experience only comes around once a year!  Don’t miss your opportunity to satisfy your Big Fair Food cravings!  Come enjoy The Big Fresno Fair with your stomach in mind before it is too late!

Entertainment & Exhibits

Concert Series in the Paul Paul
Pavilion Stage
Grounds Entertainment
Grandstand Entertainment
Buildings & Special Exhibits
Competitive Exhibits
Exhibitors & Concessionaires

Sponsorship Details:
With an average annual attendance of nearly 550,000 patrons, The Big Fresno Fair is a great place for your company's products or services to be exposed and marketed within our diverse community setting. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Big Fresno Fair our sponsorship team can create a package suited specifically to your needs.


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