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Jan 2014


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Successful Leadership Rooted in the Staff's Human Needs

Online Event
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Overview: We all are driven by basic human needs. No matter which research you follow or who your favorite expert in this area is, it all comes down to common needs, such as certainty, belonging, growth, variety, and contribution. It is important to understand that these are all needs and not just "wants". They are not a conscious decision of any person but something that is needed, whether we want it or not. 

Everybody needs certainty, belonging, growth, etc. This fact is very important for the performance of any organization, yet it is widely ignored. The equation is simple: the more the people in your organization feel certainty, belonging, and growth, the more they can experience variety and feel that they contribute, the higher the overall performance of the organization will be. 

Why should you attend: If you are a manager or leader-no matter which organization or industry-then chances are that you are missing a tremendous productivity potential of your people, simply because you ignore their basic human needs. In this webinar you will learn about some of the most ignored levers for higher business performance and how you can easily pull the triggers and raise the bar for your organization with immediate effect.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • What the most important human needs are that must be met for any high performance organization
  • Why most managers have a hard time dealing with these needs
  • What each person with leadership responsibility can do to increase business performance with immediate effect (top and bottom line)
  • How the structure and the culture of an organization should be shaped to nurture human needs most effectively
  • Which typical traps need to be avoided when dealing with human needs
  • Which three things you can change immediately after the webinar to see direct results


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