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Oct 2017


New York Hilton Midtown 1335 Avenue of the Americas New York , New York 10019
Tel: (212) 586-7000
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O'Reilly Velocity - New York 2017

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Event Overview:

Continuous Delivery. DevOps. Web Operations. Performance.

Learn from web performance and DevOps experts. Network with developers and operations engineers. Optimize web and mobile, automate, and drive innovation.

A Conference for Web Operations, End-to-End Optimization, IT as a Business Driver, Ubiquitous Delivery for all including Mobile Platforms, Deliberately Unstable Systems & Performance

Attendee Information:

Why Attend

Build Faster Web Apps
The Velocity Conference provides you with real-world best practices for optimizing your site's web pages, specifically the performance of Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, and images. Even sites that have already been optimized can benefit, making for both a better customer experience and a rock-solid bottom line.

Quality Time with Experts
Take advantage of this rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with a cadre of industry leaders who are taking web performance and operations to the next level. Bring your entire team to share ideas and get your toughest questions answered by the experts.

Three Intense Days Devoted to Web Operations and Performance
Velocity packs a wealth of big ideas, know-how, and connections into three concentrated days. You'll be able to apply what you've learned immediately and you'll be well prepared for what lies ahead.


Oct 1   


9:00am Infrastructure as code with Terraform Yevgeniy Brikman (Gruntwork)


9:00am Kubernetes training Sebastien Goasguen (Bitnami)


9:00am Let’s Go! Using the Go programming language for system tasksMichael Hausenblas (Red Hat)

8:30am Coffee | Room: Madison Foyer

12:30pm Lunch | Room: Americas Halls 2

10:30am Morning Break | Room: Sutton Foyer

3:00pm Break | Room: Sutton Foyer

Oct 2   


9:00am Microservices secrets management with Vault Seth Vargo (HashiCorp)

1:30pm Developing resilient microservices with Kubernetes and Envoy Phil Lombardi (Datawire), Rafael Schloming (Datawire), Richard Li (Datawire)


9:00am A hands-on data science crash course for modeling and predicting the behavior of (large) distributed systems Bart De Vylder (CoScale), Pieter Buteneers (CoScale)


1:30pm Linux performance monitoring with BPF Sasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)


9:00am Docker production: Orchestration, security, and beyond Bret Fisher (Independent Consultant), Shawn Bower (Cornell University), Jesse White (Contino)

10:30am Morning Break | Room: Sutton Foyer

2:30pm Lunch | Room: Americas Halls 2

1:30pm Creating pipelines to build, test, and deploy containerized artifacts Tom Adams (ThoughtWorks)


9:00am From zero to distributed traces: An OpenTracing tutorial Bryan Liles (Capital One), Yuri Shkuro (Uber), Won Jun Jang (Uber),Prithvi Raj (Uber)

1:30pm HTTP/2 development: A hands-on approach Frederik Deweerdt (Fastly)

3:00pm Break | Room: Sutton Foyer

Oct 3   


11:35am Health checking: A not-so-trivial task in the distributed containerized worldAlexander Rukletsov (Mesosphere)

1:30pm Your (container) secret's safe with me Liz Rice (Aqua Security)

2:25pm Managing applications on Kubernetes with Helm Michelle Noorali (Microsoft Azure)

3:50pm Monitoring containers: Follow the dataIlan Rabinovitch (Datadog)

4:45pm How do you eat a whale? One byte at a timeKelly Looney (Skytap)


11:35am Event sourcing on a global scale: Netflix downloads Joseph Breuer (Netflix), Robert Reta (Netflix)

1:30pm Putting your first paper into production Ben Linsay (Bumpers)

2:25pm Scalable, fluent time series data analysis Leif Walsh (Two Sigma)

3:50pm Four things I wish I'd known sooner about persistent memory Rob Dickinson (Intel)

4:45pm Developing scale-agnostic distributed systems with entities Andrew Turley (Wallaroo Labs)


11:35am Sysadmins and DevOps and SREs, oh my!Bryan Liles (Capital One)

1:30pm Serverless security: What's left to protect? Guy Podjarny (Snyk)

2:25pm The art of the possible Jon Moore (Comcast Cable)

3:50pm Operating microservices: Everything is at scale. Sarah Wells (Financial Times)

4:45pm Persistent SRE anti-patterns: Pitfalls on the road to creating a successful SRE program like Netflix and GoogleBlake Bisset (Independent),Jonah Horowitz (Stripe)


11:35am The Vary header and the future of cache variation at the edge Andrew Betts (Fastly)

1:30pm Load balancing, consistent hashing, and locality Andrew Rodland (Vimeo)

2:25pm Automated bot squashing: How to build your own bot fighting infrastructureFelix Glaser (Shopify)

3:50pm From prototype to mission critical: The evolution of edge architecture at a global DNS service providerKristopher Beevers (NS1)

4:45pm How LinkedIn determines the capacity limits of its services using live traffic Susie Xia (LinkedIn),Anant Rao (LinkedIn)

Grand Ballroom West

Grand Ballroom West
9:00am Tuesday opening welcome Mary Treseler (O'Reilly Media), James Turnbull (Empatico), Ines Sombra (Fastly)

9:05am Unconventional programming paradigms for the future, now Carin Meier (Cognitect)

9:25am Fly the airplane (sponsored by NS1) Kristopher Beevers (NS1)

9:30am The impact of design: How design influences outcomes Cynthia Savard Saucier (Shopify)

9:50am You scream for microservices orchestration; I scream for batch; we all scream for jobs as code (sponsored by BMC Software) Joe Goldberg (BMC Software)

9:55am FTFY: Research advances in automatic bug repair Claire Le Goues (Carnegie Mellon University)

10:15am Government is a system. Matt Cutts (United States Digital Service (USDS))

10:25am Blockchains and cryptocurrencies: New paradigms for shared data Neha Narula (Digital Currency Initiative)

10:40am Tuesday Closing

11:35am Find your way: Orienteering for managersVM Brasseur (@vmbrasseur),Deb Nicholson (Open Invention Network)

1:30pm Lessons in interpersonal dynamics from massively multiplayer online games Margaret Gourlay (VictorOps)

2:25pm Managing grumpy to build stronger teams Lisa Phillips (Fastly)

3:50pm Pay attention: Why you should care about psychological safety John Le Drew (Wise Noodles)

4:45pm You're not an architect, and this is not a bridge we're building: Leading technical decision making for high-performing teams Kellan Elliott-McCrea (Blink Health)

Murray Hill East B

11:35am A reference architecture to automate content delivery into your CI/CD workflows (sponsored by Akamai) Duncan McCallister (Akamai Technologies), Akshay Ranganath (Akamai Technologies)

1:30pm Scaling up for performance engineers: Practicing what we preach (sponsored by Micro Focus)Oded Keret (Micro Focus)

2:25pm FPGA-accelerated data analytics (sponsored by Intel) Mike Strickland (Intel Corporation)

3:50pm Struts 2, Equifax, and you: The story of the worst breach in history (sponsored by Contrast Security)Arshan Dabirsiaghi (Contrast Security)

4:45pm What happens when technology and government mix? Matt Cutts (United States Digital Service (USDS))

12:15pm Tuesday lunch and Birds of a Feather sessions | Room: Americas Halls 2

8:15am Tuesday Speed Networking | Room: 3rd Floor Foyer

8:00am Coffee | Room: Grand Ballroom Foyer

10:45am Break | Room: Sponsor Pavilion

3:05pm Break | Room: Sponsor Pavilion

5:25pm Sponsor Pavilion Reception (sponsored by NS1) | Room: Sponsor Pavilion

7:00pm DevOps After Dark | Room: The Attic

Oct 4   


11:35am Monitoring in the time of cloud native Cindy Sridharan (imgix)

1:30pm Customer-centric observability Mark McBride (Turbine Labs)

2:25pm Instrumenting systems for arbitrary observability Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)

3:50pm ETW: Monitor anything, anytime, anywhereDina Goldshtein (Riverbed)

4:45pm Fast and safe production monitoring of JVM applications with BPF magicSasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)


11:35am Lessons learned from load-testing distributed systems Jeffrey Valeo (Grubhub)

1:30pm Debugging complex systems Terran Melconian (Air Network Simulation and Analysis)

2:25pm Building a skyscraper with Legos: The anatomy of a distributed system Tyler McMullen (Fastly)

3:50pm Distributed systems patterns: From design to reality Brendan Burns (Microsoft)

4:45pm Systems management with a voice UI using Amazon Alexa Karthik Kirupanithi (Amazon Web Services)


11:35am The rise of polyglot programming at Netflix Mike McGarr (Netflix)

1:30pm Automation run rampant Kate Deutscher (GreenSync)

2:25pm Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again? Tanya Reilly (Google)

3:50pm The phone book is on fire: Lessons from the Dyn DNS DDoS attack Lex Neva (Heroku)

4:45pm Scaling the machine learning systems powering Quora's home feed Nikhil Garg (Quora), Neeraj Agrawal (Quora)


11:35am How Shutterfly migrated 10+ billion photos to the cloud Jack Chan (Shutterfly)

1:30pm Best practices in data migrations Andrew Fong (Dropbox)

2:25pm FPGAs in the cloud?Julien SIMON (AWS)

3:50pm Managing server secrets at scale with a vaultless password managerIgnat Korchagin (Cloudflare)

4:45pm What we talk about when we talk about on-disk storage Alex Petrov (DataStax)

Grand Ballroom West

Grand Ballroom West
9:00am Wednesday opening welcome Mary Treseler (O'Reilly Media), James Turnbull (Empatico), Ines Sombra (Fastly)

9:05am What if serverless was real? Nick Rockwell (The New York Times)

9:25am Above the line, below the line: A preview of the SNAFUcatchers Stella Report David Woods (Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers), Richard Cook (Ohio State University SNAFUcatchers)

9:40am Automating content delivery in a DevOps world (sponsored by Akamai) Craig Adams (Akamai Technologies)

9:50am The role of open source in a company Jessica Frazelle (Microsoft), Dino Dai Zovi (Capsule8)

10:10am How real is real-user measurement? (sponsored by Catchpoint) Robert Castley (Catchpoint Systems)

10:15am Mentorship and sponsorship Lara Hogan (Kickstarter)

10:35am Wednesday Closing

11:35am Drinking from the fire hose: Building a massive-scale monitoring stack Rob Claire (Pinterest)

1:30pm Running a massively parallel stream processing system at Netflix Zhenzhong Xu (Netflix)

2:25pm Genji: A framework for building resilient near-real-time data pipelines Swaminathan Sundaramurthy (Pinterest), Mark Cho (Pinterest)

3:50pm Thriving under a continuous self-inflicted DDoS attack Kevin Beck (New Relic)

4:45pm How Twitter built a framework to improve infrastructure utilization and efficiency at scale Vinu Charanya (Twitter)

Murray Hill East B

11:35am Accelerating cloud applications with Intel FPGAs (sponsored by Intel) Michal Skiba (Intel Corporation)

1:30pm What's new in Kubernetes 1.8 (sponsored by Google Cloud) Kelsey Hightower (Google)

2:25pm Fixing the internet everyday: Internet volatility, the vigilance that fixes it, and why it matters (sponsored by Oracle+Dyn) David Belson (Oracle+Dyn)

12:15pm Wednesday lunch and Birds of a Feather sessions | Room: Americas Halls 2

8:15am Wednesday Speed Networking | Room: 3rd Floor Foyer

8:00am Coffee | Room: Exhibit Hall, Americas Hall I

10:45am Break | Room: Exhibit Hall, Americas Hall I

3:05pm Break | Room: Exhibit Hall, Americas Hall I

Keynote Speakers

Craig Adams

Vice President, Product , Akamai Technologies

As the industry moves to distributed systems and a DevOps model, companies must adopt DevOps in order to automate CI/CD workflows and increase deployment velocity. And as part of adopting DevOps, developers are identifying ways to integrate their CDN into existing automation workflows.

Craig Adams explores the traditional DevOps pipeline, addresses how to think about CDN automation, and explains how Akamai is baking automation into its CDN.

Craig Adams is vice president of web performance product management at Akamai, where he has global responsibility for the strategy and management of Akamai’s web experience solutions portfolio, which enables Akamai customers to deliver innovative, instant web experiences on any device, anywhere. Craig has a diverse background that spans over 15 years at Akamai, with leadership roles in sales, services and support, technical services delivery, and country management. Craig is passionate about creating and launching new programs and offerings that enable Akamai customers to successfully meet their business objectives while also contributing to Akamai’s growth and profitability. Under Craig’s leadership, Akamai adopted the use of the NetPromoter Score to monitor and increase customer satisfaction. Craig also launched Akamai University for Customers, which has certifed over 3,000 customers on Akamai solutions, the Customer Experience program, and the Customer Champion Awards, driving a customer-first focus at Akamai.

Kristopher Beevers


During active operational incidents, we experience very human reactions that get in the way of resolution. Approaches like Incident Command provide solid foundations for incident response. Kristopher Beevers explains how to augment Incident Command with simple tools and processes—such as basic checklists or regular fire drills—that help your team focus, communicate effectively, and respond calmly and precisely during mission-critical events.

Kristopher Beevers is founder and CEO of NS1, the next-gen DNS and traffic management company. Previously, Kristopher led platform development at (acquired by Internap), where he built cloud and bare metal platforms, content delivery networks, and other distributed infrastructure products. Kristopher holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in computer science from RPI.

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