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Aug 2014
Aug 2014


Miami Beach Convention Center 1901 Conveniton Center Drive Miami Beach , Florida 33139
Tel: (786) 276-2763
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Miami New Construction Show


Event Overview:

The Miami New Construction Show is a unique exhibition, bringing together all the stakeholders in the market of new luxury condominiums and housing projects in South Florida. During three days, real estate developers, buyers, investors, agents, specialists, journalists and other related professions will meet each other, to satisfy their business, information and networking needs.

According to analysts nationwide, the real estate market in South Florida is slowly but surely recovering its pre 2007 glory, and the numbers prove them right with reduced listing discounts, increased sales, and higher prices. The segment of luxury homes seems to be performing even better with sale prices over $2,000 per sqf and a single record sale over $41 Million in 2013. Unlike the last real estate boom that was fueled by credit, the current growth is based on cash mostly from international buyers in search of safe investment opportunities.

The Miami New Construction Show fits perfectly in this new environment by providing an additional opportunity for all stakeholders to spur market growth.

Attendee Information:

The Miami New Construction Show will be the largest exhibition, for luxury condos and homes in South Florida with 35,000 visitors and more than 100 construction projects. This will be an excellent opportunity for everyone with an interest in that market:

Buyers will be able to collect information - regarding prices, locations, and floor plans. They will compare options and make a better decisions for their home, second home or investment.

Realtors will be able to get an overview about the new construction market, save time and effort by visiting more than 100 sales offices in one location during 3 days. They will be able to better serve their potential clients interested in that segment of the market.

Industry professionals such as architects, interior designers and contractors will be able to meet with developers, learn about their existing projects, and establish contacts for future work opportunities.  

Neighbors will be able to assess the impact of these construction sites on their neighborhoods and properties.

Journalists, reporters and real estate analysts will be able to get a better understanding of each project as well as the impact of all projects on the urbanism of South Florida. 

Exhibitor Information:

The Miami New Construction Show is a unique opportunity to feature your development project to more than 35,000 visitors in just three days. Our communication campaigns have been crafted to attract various target audiences:

  • Potential buyers national and international
  • Investors national and international
  • Real estate agents national and international
  • Journalists and reporters for newspapers, magazines, websites and television channels
  • General public

The Miami New Construction Show is an efficient tool for exhibitors to promote their new construction projects, establish contacts with buyers and real estate agents worldwide, and enlarge their network of connections. Further, developers will be able to effectively reach these objectives while saving time, effort and marketing spending. 

The 2014 edition of the Miami New Construction Show is: 3 full days of interaction with stakeholders 50 real estate related professionals 100 new construction sites featured 35,000 national and international visitors Daily conferences Media interviews VIP dinner party Networking opportunities
Sponsorship Details:
The Miami New Construction Show is a reference in shows for luxury living. By partnering with the show, sponsors will be able to associate their brand name with a high quality event, reach a variety of target audiences through a multidisciplinary communication campaign, and establish direct contact with more than 35,000 visitors.


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