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Jul 2015
Jul 2015


The Westin Los Angeles Airport 5400 West Century Blvd Los Angeles , California 90045
Tel: (310) 216-5858
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Infocast's EVs and the Grid Summit

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Pioneering Automotive OEMS, Regulators, Utilities, EV Service Providers, And Fleet Operators Network to Drive the Development of EV Infrastructure


A Must Attend Event for:

  • Utility Directors and Managers of Advanced Technology, Smart Grid, Strategy, Distribution System Engineering, and Distributed Resource/Renewables Integration: Learn how pioneering utilities are bridging the knowledge gaps with automakers and EV SPs, and how they are approaching the business, technical and regulatory challenges of EV infrastructure implementation
  • Providers of Third Party EV Charging Equipment, Smart Inverters, and Distributed Solar Integrators: Hear automakers, commercial customers and utilities discuss their technical and business needs from EV infrastructure and service providers
  • Li-Ion Battery Vendors and Behind the Meter Energy Storage Developers: Hear automakers discuss their expectations for EV expansion, and how secondary use may revolutionize the cost and availability for stationary battery applications
  • Auto OEM EV/Advanced Vehicle Technology Directors and Managers: Hear from utilities and regulators on how policy development can create incentives for EV uptake and ease integration concerns
  • Fleet Owners & Commercial Building Owners: Hear from utilities and EV service providers on the emerging options for electrifying fleets and how best to go about establishing charging stations

Featured Speakers:

  • Frank Breust, Vice President Government Affairs, BMW
  • Watson Collins, Manager, Research & Business Development, EVERSOURCE ENERGY
  • Alexander Keros, Manager, Advanced Vehicle and Infrastructure Policy, GENERAL MOTORS
  • Edward Kjaer, Director, Transportation Electrification, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON
  • Adam Langton, Senior Analyst, Energy Division, CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION
  • Laura McDonald, Director of Clean Transportation and Advanced Technology Integration, SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC
  • Terry O'Day, Vice President, California Business Development, NRG EVGO
  • Vic Shao, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, GREEN CHARGE NETWORKS
  • John Shipman, Demand Management Customer Engagement and Electric Vehicles, CON EDISON

Electric vehicles (EVs) are poised to become mobile agents of the transforming grid, with the potential to be both a significant burden to utilities and a valuable future asset. Pioneering utilities in California, the Northeast and other regions are laying the groundwork to expand their role to manage these customer-owned assets and deal with grid integration issues at the retail and wholesale level, and to take advantage of their capabilities to provide grid services. However, to facilitate customer adoption of EVs and ease the technical and regulatory burdens of grid integration, automakers, utilities, regulators, EV technology and service providers (EV SPs), commercial building owners and fleet operators must cooperate on technology rollouts, policy development and the implementation of business plans and cases. How can these diverse industries bridge the knowledge gaps to profit?

Infocast’s EVs and the Grid Summit will gather together automakers, utilities, regulators, EV service providers, fleet owners and experts at the leading edge of EV infrastructure implementation to share their needs, experiences and ideas for integrating EVs and the grid. Automakers will discuss their views of the drivers for future EV and PHEV sales, and the feedback they are getting from customers regarding their needs. Utilities will illuminate the technical challenges in integrating EVs, and the business opportunities they represent. Regulators and policy experts will explore how to best support EV infrastructure investment without overly increasing the cost burden for the customer base or impacting grid reliability. Finally, fleet operators and EV SPs will share their experiences in pioneering EV infrastructure projects.

Attend EVs and the Grid Summit to get the most comprehensive view on where the EV infrastructure market needs to advance today, and where the opportunities to supply grid services lie in the future!

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