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May 2015
May 2015


Hotel Kabuki 1625 Post Street San Francisco , California 94115
Tel: (415) 922-3200
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Infocast's 3rd Annual California Energy Summit


Bringing Together Policy-Makers and Key Industry Executives to Explore Energy Procurements and to Meet Ambitious New Renewable Energy Goals

Get the latest on:

  • Impacts of Governor Brown's new renewable energy goals on the California energy market
  • Prospects for radical changes to IOUs' distribution grid planning processes and integration of DERs
  • Retail Rate Design reforms and their effects on Solar PV and other distributed resources
  • How emerging Resource Adequacy, Flexible Asset and Preferred Resource requirements will impact future procurements for gas-fired generation, energy storage and other alternative technologies

Featured Speakers:

  • Matthew Barmack, Director, Market and Regulatory Analysis, CALPINE CORP.
  • Mark Rothleder, Vice President, Market Quality and Renewable Integration, CAISO
  • Nicole Neeman Brady, Director, Energy Procurement, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON
  • Sarah Edmonds, Director of Transmission Strategy- EIM, PACIFICORP
  • John Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer, GREENSMITH ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
  • Don Fuller, Director Strategic Alliances, CAISO
  • Stephen J. Beuning, Director, Market Operations, XCEL ENERGY
  • Walter Spansel, Vice President, Transmission, NV ENERGY


The start of 2015 saw a major announcement by Governor Brown: California will move to 50% renewable energy by 2023. In addition, major revisions of retail rate structures are expected, a carbon cap and trade market is starting, and policy makers and regulators are rapidly attacking issues in the California market that could have drastic effects on utilities, power producers, preferred resources providers and customers on multiple fronts.

- Governor Brown’s new renewable energy goals will affect renewable energy procurement
- A new carbon-oriented policy may radically revamp long-term procurement plans and processes statewide
- A new distribution resource planning proceeding may radically change the IOUs’ processes in grid planning and how they integrate DERs into grid operations
- Retail rate revisions will create winners and losers among solar PV and other distributed generation, and may have major impacts on agricultural and large industrial users
- Examinations of Resource Adequacy, Flexible Asset and Preferred Resource requirements will impact future procurements for gas-fired generation, demand response, energy storage and other alternative technologies
- The new California carbon cap and trade market, as well as compliance with EPA 111(d) and existing air quality attainment levels, could have substantial impacts on the generation fleet
- The CAISO Energy Imbalance Market has started operations and the NV Energy balancing area is expected to join in Fall of 2015

Only those organizations that fully understand the complex and constantly changing California energy market will be able to position themselves for tomorrow’s business environment.

The 3rd Annual California Energy Summit will provide the latest information on the opportunities and threats in California as policy-makers come together with utility, IPP, energy storage and DR executives to explore the potential opportunities to solve power supply and delivery problems. They will explore the impacts of new energy storage procurement on generation and distribution system needs, the potential opportunities for the construction of power assets, and how the revision of retail rate regulation will drastically affect the economics of solar power and utility generation in the state. Finally, financiers will provide their perspectives on the investment in and financeability of projects in the California market.

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