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Jun 2013


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How Much is Too Much? Predicting and Assessing The Cost of The Sales Team - Webinar by TrainHR

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Overview : There's a lot of discussion of "CCOS" these days (Compensation Cost of Sales). It's a very important metric, but very difficult to compare from one company to the next, even within the same industry. Early stage companies tend to have a higher sales comp cost % revenue; higher margin businesses tend to be willing to pay more for the next sale; complex sales organizations with specialized channels tend to have a lower sales comp cost % revenue once the channels are optimized, but higher early in the deployment of the channel strategy. 

So, what analysis can shed light on these differences, how do you look at comparisons, and once you have your baseline established, what can you do to manage down your sales compensation cost? 

Why should you attend: Is your sales compensation cost appropriate for your business? Is each of your sales teams/channels adding value? What about your top performers vs. your under-performers? Where is the money going, and what is the business getting for that sales comp spend? Understanding the structure of your compensation spend is vital to ensuring the sales function is creating value for the business.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Correct measurement of the cost of the sales team vs. productivity - what's in the numerator and what's in the denominator?
  • Specific analyses to be completed, illustrated by a case example
    • Follow the money, by incentive measure and sales team
    • Understand the cost of the sales force by performance level
    • Understand the cost by channel
    • Trending aggregate cost of comp over time
  • Typical patterns in CCOS
  • Best ways to improve CCOS
  • Common misconceptions about CCOS
  • What to expect as the business matures

Price: $145.00


Russel Stuart

Phone: 1800-385-1627


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