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Apr 2014



Allison Talamantez
Tel: (469) 557-1118

Event Manager



Embassy Suites 4315 Swenson Street Las Vegas , Nevada 89119
Tel: (650) 268-9744
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Bloggy Boot Camp - St. Louis


Bloggy Bootcamp will give you the skills you need to be a better blogger, the platform to connect with other women, and the courage to find your voice and follow your path.

These events hold true to everything you've heard and read about our conference series: excellent speakers who share REAL information in an intimate and inclusive environment. All priced for value.

This is a gathering of smart, motivated, kind women who believe that when one of us succeeds, we all benefit. That sharing the secrets of our success matters. And that there is nothing more powerful then a room full of women encouraging and supporting one another.

Estimated Attendance: 125-150
Sponsorship Details:
There are a million and one benefits to becoming a Bloggy Boot Camp or Women Get Social sponsor. However, there is one reason that matters: Women Support Brands That Support Women The best way to build brand awareness and loyalty is to engage customers in relevant and compelling conversation. Our job is to enhance businesses' marketing efforts by strategically leveraging our social media network of blogs, as well as Twitter and Facebook users. Sponsorship Policy In carrying out our mission to serve as an educational and networking platform for women in social media, our events are shaped and guided by five core values, which make up our sponsorship policy: Reliability: You can count on us. We do what we say and we stand behind what we do with accountability, responsiveness, and follow-through. Respect: Everyone is important. Attendees, sponsors, and all others we interact are treated with respect. Taking the next step and showing care and service is what differentiates us from other social media conferences. Integrity: Doing the right thing. We are committed to consistently living out our values and principles with uncompromising integrity and ethics. Enjoying What We Do: More than just a conference. We work hard to deliver quality content, while maintaining a good sense of perspective, humor, and enthusiasm. Support: Working better together. We team with our community members and sponsors to work together and share success. We are passionate about collaboration, approachability, and sharing ideas. Our events are able to thrive because of our efforts to continually meet and exceed the expectations of our attendees and sponsors. We carefully screen all businesses we work with to ensure their products and services align with our attendees' interests and backgrounds. For this reason, we do not allow the distribution of any form of branded collateral from personal sponsors to be distributed during Bloggy Boot Camp or Women Get Social. Our sponsors deserve recognition and our undivided attention for their support of women in social media. Out of respect for this financial support, we ask that attendees limit the promotion of their personal sponsors to their own blogs, person, and social media accounts. To learn about becoming a sponsor, fill out our sponsorship form.


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