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Jul 2016


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Auditor and Consultant's Guide to identifying their Client's Perils: The Hidden Side of Risk Management (TWIY part3)

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Using COSO framework and SOX to detect and monitor problems and provide risk control assurance to the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) team from an internal perspective.


As auditors and consultants, we recognize that our role includes providing assurance that controls are in place, detecting and monitoring problems. COSO framework training and SOX created a new role for us: a key member of the firm’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Team. Since a significant business risk could arise from nearly every decision and action undertaken by the employees, the outside advisor must know how to tune into the causal points to costly risk.

This webinar shows you how to redefine this growing obligation from an internal perspective.

Why Should You Attend:

Are you worried that these sorts of activities are occurring in your client’s organization?

Undetected illegal or unethical acts
Lack of professionalism by key personnel
Disregard for internal controls
Lack of compliance policy
Are you an internal auditor who faces issues such as:

A lawsuit regarding weak or missing compliance
A compliance program that fails to unwarranted and unnecessary risk
A newly installed management team that has little concern for governance
Are you part of a board of directors whose organization has taken on more risk that it can afford?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, then you must attend this webinar so that you can sleep better at night.

Areas Covered In This Webinar:

  • Risk management training
  • Make up of firm value
  • The symbiotic relationship between innovation and risk
  • Discuss why audit risk assessment must be addressed immediately
  • Hidden clues that all auditors must look for

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess your sensitivity to understanding a client’s costly risk
  • Define your vital role as a member of the company’s ERM team
  • Seek out the path of least resistance and where it is likely to occur
  • Investigate the root causes of costly risks
  • Synthesize the impacts of ERM training

Who Will Benefit:

  • Audit Committee Members of a Board of Directors
  • Internal Auditors
  • External Auditors
  • Management Consultants
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Accounting Personnel

Speakers Profile:

Ron Rael
Ron Rael, CPA, CGMA is a leadership specialist, professional facilitator, and coach to leadership teams. He has provided hands-on guidance to both experienced and emerging leaders since 1988. Ron’s extensive wisdom and practical solutions, contained in his 18 books and over 50 webinars, provide both strategies and tactics for organizational success. He has trained and coached thousands of leaders and business professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Ron is renowned for his original, enjoyable approach to learning, in both in-person events and web-based broadcasts.

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