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May 2014


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ASMA 85th Annual Scientific Meeting - Aerospace Medical Association



The Association's annual meeting provides a multi-faceted forum for all aerospace medical disciplines and concurrently provides continuing education credits and maintenance of certification for those attending the meeting. Lectures, seminars, panels, poster presentations, workshops, films, and technical and scientific exhibits present data on the latest results of clinical and research studies. No other meeting brings together such a diverse group of specialists - clinical health directors, physicians, scientists, and nurses from the armed services, civil and military aviation, academia, and industry, plus the many private practitioners in all clinical specialties - who care for the total civilian flying population on a daily basis. International representation is evident among both program participants and attendees.


You will have the opportunity to meet leaders, practitioners, and scientists from the FAA, NASA, the aerospace industry, the airlines, the Military Services, and consultants in the private sector. There will also be in attendance senior government, military, and airline medical personnel from over 70 countries. Approximately 25% of our members are from overseas. No matter where we come from or what we do, we are bound together by a common interest in the health and safety of all those who fly in air and space, crews and passengers, and of those who support aerospace organizations on the ground. Our Association has approximately 2,250 members providing an excellent target market for the purchase of equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals and ancillary products.

About The Aerospace Medical Association:

The Aerospace Medical Association is an umbrella group providing a forum for many different disciplines to come together and share their expertise. The Association has provided its expertise to a multitude of Federal and international agencies on a broad range of issues including aviation and space medical standards, the aging pilot, and physiological stresses of flight. AsMA's membership includes aerospace medicine specialists, flight nurses, physiologists, psychologists, human factors specialists, and researchers in this field. Most are with industry, civil aviation regulatory agencies, departments of defense and military services, the airlines, space programs, and universities. Approximately 25% of the membership is international.

Past Attendees: Aerospace Human Factors & Human Engineering 99 Aerospace Physiology 64 Aerospace and Aviation Medicine 419 Bioengineering 10 ENT 4 Family Practice 93 Internal Medicine 48 Military Command 39 Nursing/Patient Transport 3 Ophthalmology 7 Physiology 105 Research and Research Scientist 35 Sports Medicine 14 Surgery 3 Other 9 Students 77 AsMA Staff 9 Guests 29 Exhibitors 96 Exhibitors Full Conference 90 Total Registration 1,436
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