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Oct 2013


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Applying the Principles of Gestalt Psychology to Business - Webinar by TrainHR

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Overview : Gestalt Psychology is complex and has behaviors that are new but powerful for business. The core principle of Gestalt Psychology is that as humans we all have Needs - Physical, Intellectual, and Psychological. 

Awareness of these needs is the next step to increased energy. Satisfaction, filling these needs, by reaching out into the world, is the final step in this process. In our culture, social mandates and parental rules often interrupt the process of Needs - Awareness - Satisfaction. Neurosis and even Psychosis occurs when this natural process is frustrated. Increased energy occurs when nature runs smoothly for the individual. 

Why should you attend: The new studies of the capabilities of the Right Brain add definitive research to the old idea that the two sides of the brain gather different data and compute this data in different ways. Gestalt methods activate the power of the Right Brain

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Core principles
  • Examples of Basics needs - Identity, Connectedness, Potency
  • Introjection and Interjects
  • Examples: “My boy who can run like a rabbit”
  • VAK
  • Different Strokes
  • Stress
  • Awareness of options (Piaget and Intelligence)
  • Gum ball machine
  • Awareness of Energy Levels
  • What Do I Want Now?
  • Awareness of Likes / Dislikes Make a list
  • Take Time for Yourself
  • Use Your Dreams for Information
  • Make a Collage
  • Get Clear and Get Started Outcome Setting
  • Conflicts with Others
  • Tell Yourself the Truth
  • May Need to Change Friends as You Change
  • Using Gestalt Principles Leads to Charisma - New Friends Will Arrive


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