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Apr 2014


Prince George\'s Sports and Learning Complex 8001 Sherrif Road Landover , Maryland 20785
Tel: (301) 583-2400
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Annual Athletic and Scholarship Convention

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Speakers and Topics


This speaker will speak on student-athletes being community leaders and ambassadors of physical fitness, balancing athletics and academics, living a drug free life, and the importance of sportsmanship and leadership.

Admissions Officer

This speaker will address topics concerning recruiting, the college admission process, how students can access different scholarship opportunities, and requirements for the various scholarships, SAT/ACT, government (financial aid) and private loans, how colleges evaluate applications, how the colleges meet students’ needs, how the applicant can add to the college community, and community college options if students do not meet the requirement for four year colleges.

Financial Aid Officer

This speaker will present and entertain questions from the audience about financial aid deadlines, where to seek the information, the importance of meeting the deadlines, eligibility for financial aid, income tax information, who can apply, how funds are allocated to students, pell grants, etc.

Athletic Coach

This speaker will address topics relating to NCAA rules and regulations, standards for different divisions, the athlete recruiting process, the coach-athlete relationship, staying eligible (athletics and academics), student support that is available on campus.

Liaison Member Coach

This speaker will talk about the benefits and importance of the Liaison International Program and give testimonials of athletes in the program.

Compliance Officer

This speaker will inform students of the duties of the compliance director, NCAA

Compliance issues regarding amateurism and college competitions, athlete-coach communication and relationship and remaining in good standing with the college.


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