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Mar 2017


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AMERICANA 2017 - International Environmental Technology Trade Show & Conference


Event Overview:

The scope and worldwide exposure of AMERICANA makes it an appropriate venue for technical, scientific, and commercial exchanges related to sustainable development issues.

Why participate in AMERICANA:

AMERICANA is an exceptional resource for participants in order to develop their markets and strengthen their expertise.

AMERICANA gathers: 
international scientific conferences
hundreds of exhibitors as well as thousands of specialists in the environment industry;
decision makers: 30% of participants are CEOs and presidents; 
Governmental representatives: 35% of the participants are professionals working for the government and municipalities; 
all sectors of the environment industry: Drinking and waste water, solid and hazardous wastes, air and climate change, soils and groundwater, environmental management, sustainable development, and renewable energy;
worldwide participants: From Europe, South, North and Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Oceania and Asia; 

AMERICANA has the following objectives:

to create business opportunities;
to help our companies make their specialties known;
to stimulate the advancement of technologies used to solve many environmental problems plaguing the world; 
to help new businesses grow
to facilitate entry into target markets or to create partnerships;
to present cutting-edge technologies in every sector, from here and abroad.

Exhibitor Information:

Professionals of the environment will have the opportunity to develop their markets in a venue dedicated to the promotion of the environment industry.

Air technologies



Chemical, Petroleum and mining products

Climate change

Drinking water

Education and training

Environment services

Government services


Hazardous wastes

Instrumentation & control


Publications and trade fairs

Recovery and recycling

Renewable energies

Soil remediation

Solide waste management

Sustainable development

Sustainable transportation

Waste water

Innovation center

The innovation center allows exhibitors to showcase their products and services in the exhibit hall. In addition, this presentation space will be used for other key moments of Americana whose opening plenary that kicks off the three-day event. Programming innovation center will be published in the coming months.

Participants: Engineers, Consultants 27% Municipalities 17% Universities 12% Governments 8% Associations 4% Laboratories 2% Media 2% Industries 28%
Sponsorship Details:


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