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May 2013


The Island Hotel Newport Beach 690 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach , California 92660
Tel: (888) 321-4752
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Academic Impressions - Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education

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Set your career in motion with the most comprehensive and practical leadership development program available for higher education professionals.

The pace of change in higher education continues to accelerate, just as the challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Current and future leaders have to deal with changing demands of multiple stakeholders, increasing regulation, a skeptical public, stiffening competition, new technologies and ways of delivering education, and revenue streams that are drying up. The time is now to invest in your skill set to manage these and other, unknowable challenges and opportunities.

Join us for a three-day, intensive leadership development program. Designed by leadership development experts who have more than 50 years combined experience, this program is one of the most comprehensive, robust, and practical leadership development programs available for higher education professionals. 


This program is targeted at middle and senior leaders across all divisions of higher education. In order to gain the maximum benefit, participants should be aware of the work-intensive nature of the program, be prepared to complete a 360° assessment in advance of the program, and already be in a leadership position.


Given the highly experiential and interactive nature of the program, only the first 30 registrants will be accepted. If you have questions about whether this program is the right fit, please contact Amit Mrig at 720-988-1210 or


  • This is one of the most complete leadership development experiences available. Built on a comprehensive leadership framework, this program helps you master skills in four areas of leadership experience—personal, interpersonal, team, and systems.
  • This program will draw individuals from across the enterprise of higher education. You’ll learn alongside and with colleagues from across the institution—enrollment managers, student affairs professionals, librarians, department chairs and deans, fundraisers, and HR and IT professionals—creating a systemic view of higher education, right in the room.
  • Leadership isn’t taught; it is learned through experience. This program is highly interactive and experiential, and it offers many tools, techniques, and frameworks that can be immediately used in your work.
  • We don’t restrict the experience to the three days. As a participant, you will prepare for the program by completing a 360° assessment, and you will work in peer-to-peer coaching teams that will continue long after the Newport Beach experience has ended.
  • To help bring to focus the lessons being learned in the program and to deepen the development process, you will develop and maintain a leadership portfolio. This portfolio will be comprised of an assessment of personal strengths and challenges, a statement of goals and values, and daily journal reflections on leadership. These journal entries will be shared with your colleagues.


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