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Jul 2013


Delaware State Fair 18500 South DuPont Highway Harrington , Delaware 19952
Tel: (302) 398-3269
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2013 Delaware State Fair



The Delaware State Fair, as it is known today, began as an idea quietly conceived around a potbelly stove in the Harrington railroad station in 1919. The number of community-focused residents interested in starting this enterprise grew quickly as word of the plan leaked out. As the number who showed up for meetings grew, it became obvious that the railroad station could no longer serve as the meeting spot, and the group began to meet at the fire hall. The drive of these ambitious men helped formulate the Kent and Sussex County Fair which was incorporated in January 1920.

Today, the Kent and Sussex County Fair is now known as the Delaware State Fair and boasts attendance of over 307,000. As it exists today, the nearly 300 acre fairground encompasses several businesses including The Centre Ice Rink and the Harrington Raceway and Casino. Despite the awesome trend of bringing dynamic entertainers and a thrilling carnival, the Fair maintains its roots in agriculture. And every year, the Fair continues its tradition of being “Bigger and Better Than Ever.”

Past Demographics: Fair Patrons Delaware: 78% Maryland: 15% Pennsylvania: 3% Other States: 4% 58% Female 42% Male Our Patrons... Average Years of Attendance > 9 years Average Fair days per season 2.7 days Average Hours Spent at Fair 4.7 hours Overall Fair Satisfaction 93%
Sponsorship Details:
If your company places an emphasis on event marketing, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better venue than the Delaware State Fair to market your product or service. Because of our broad appeal and sheer attendance numbers, our sponsors can rest assured that their message will reach their target audience. As a result of the tremendous exposure the State Fair offers, we have established a loyal sponsor base, including many industry leaders as listed on our sponsor page.


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