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Mar 2016
Mar 2016


Four Points by Sheraton - Norwood Inn & Conference Center 1125 Boston Providence Turnpike
Norwood , MA 02062
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14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit

Four Points by Sheraton - Norwood Inn & Conference Center
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If you have not yet been able to participate in our Innovation Summit, 2016 is likely a good year to consider doing so. While the VUCA global economy still presents challenges on a regular basis, North America and Europe are becoming more predictable and hence stable. This past year, companies have regained some moxie to attempt higher levels of innovation.

Incremental For A Decade

Robert Cooper's research showed that spending on "New To-The-World/Market" was down 43.7% and spending on "New Product Lines" was down 30.1%, while spending on improvements and modifications was up 80.1% this past decade. Bottom feeding will not go on forever. Soon, your company will be increasing the risk of its new product portfolio spending. Year-over-year cost reductions and productivity gains are no longer putting up enough numbers on Wall Street. And, some of the new product directions will be surprising. It is the internet age.

Last year was a banner year for the development of new metrics aimed at measuring overall levels of innovation. New measures in this area are an indicator of the demand for innovation. R&D Productivity and R&D Efficiency were introduced, and Research Quotient gained some momentum. RQ is focused on measuring the right level of investment, versus measuring the results of investments. Another good sign.

Disruptive Forces Grow

Since our first Summit in 2005, GGI has constantly refreshed our curriculum. As we wrote you last year, only a few pages of our original course book remain today.   We were pleased that several of our long term colleagues, who attended our original Summits, registered again for our Summit last spring. All went well.

Let's pick one example of keeping current. 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of Clayton Christiansen's first publication on Disruptive Innovation. Back in 1995, we looked at cascading s-curves to describe the science of disruption. We were left to figure out our own mechanics on how to get there. Last year, GGI researched the evolving "how to disrupt" methods that are starting to take shape. We don't think every one of these techniques makes for winning products, but they all have backers and most have the potential to do so. If an executive asked you to define a product that innovates from the bottom of the pyramid, are you ready to take the lead on that project? How about one that produces a big bang, or a digical outcome?

• Reverse Innovation

• Bottom of Pyramid Innovation

• Trickle-Up Innovation

• Disruptive Innovation

• Emerging Technology Innovation

• Big Bang Innovation

• Digical Innovation

• Sustainable Innovation

• Design Thinking

• Ambidextrous Innovation

 Managers Migrate Practices

Our Summit always maintains its focus on management's ability to fund, deploy, train, implement, measure, and to get a financial result from the subjects that comprise each of the eight modules. While we do discuss tools and tactics and the like, it is always from the perspective of a manager being able to direct and/or lead innovation initiatives. If you manage budgets, departments, functions, people, or projects our Summits are quite useful.

Dick Power and I continue to lead the Summit. Adam and Bill address a large module on intellectual property, focused on the ability to create the best offensive and defensive positions and on how to assess their value in dollars. Richard takes us through the possibilities of TRIZ, perhaps the most powerful single innovation tool available.

Please join us, or suggest that a colleague join us, for an unbiased articulation of the innovation and intellectual property capabilities that are available to corporations today. Some have said, "GGI's Summit is an executive MBA on Innovation in three days."

We hope you will join us, Tuesday to Thursday, March 29-31! There is a Reception on Wednesday evening. Thank you for considering our Summit!

Registration for the 14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit will close on Friday March 25, 2016 at 8:00 PM.

Contact the event managers listed below for more information about how you can participate at the 14th R&D-Product Development Innovation Summit.


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The subject matter of the Summit is geared to top-level managerial and technical executives that manage entire organizations, departments, and budgets; and programs, teams, and budgets. Numerous companies have brought groups of officers ranging from three to ten in size in their quest to develop an improved and systematic ability to innovate across their employee base.

Directors and leaders of market, technology, product, and IP creation activities will gain a better understanding of the leadership techniques that work, along with the tools and technologies available today that give the best chance to systematically embed innovation in company culture and projects. One size does not fit all. The techniques that might drive a "innovator strategy" product line are different than those for a "balanced portfolio strategy" product line.
Our location is convenient from either Boston-Logan or Providence-Green airport. Mention GGI's Summit when you call the hotel. This best-in-class Sheraton Conference Facility in Norwood, Massachusetts is completely wi-fi, has all amenities, a great walking trail, and boasts a five star chef and great eating. For more information about the conference hotel, alternative accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and other information, please visit the "I'm Already Registered" web site.
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