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'Content Drives Technology, Not the Other Way Around,' says NMR's Berger

Mark Travers (EIA) spoke with Jerry Berger, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development, of NMR Events, at the recent ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas.


EIA: Tell us about NMR Events. What’s the brand all about?


Berger:  NMR Events is a national tradeshow, staging, and content creation company. We focus strictly on audio-visual technology, that means all of the displays you see at this show – the overhead displays, the walls, the interactives and the lead management systems. Separately, we also do live events where there’s a live audience in a staged environment. We’ll create all the widescreen screen blends, as well as the lighting and sound systems. They can be very small events or can be very large, where there are thousands of people in the audience. The third leg of our business is content creation. So let’s say you are doing a tradeshow and you like this interactive technology. The content that goes on that interactive technology can be created by us. Or we can work with you if you are a content producer or if you have a content-producer agency. So we take that content, we test that content, and prior to coming to the event or the show, that content is absolutely checked, verified and ready to roll. There is no chance for error when the show goes live. Those are the three legs of the company: Tradeshows, Live Staging and Content Creation.


Who do you work with?


We work with event producers, event managers and booth builders – many of the companies here at this event are our clients. So when they build a booth, they’ll often come to us and say, “we’re thinking about incorporating this technology or this interactive. We want to create an experience. What do you recommend?” We then learn about the objectives and develop a treatment that meets the objectives for the technology.


Technology is changing on a daily basis. What new products and services, from a technology perspective do you see coming on stream?


So what’s really exciting and brand new is this 3D, auto-stereoscopic display we have at our booth. We have two of them, back to back. What auto-stereoscopic means is ‘without glasses.’ While you thought 3D was dead, it is not. There were three issues with 3D:


-- The first issue was with HD resolution. When you were looking with either 3D passive glasses or active glasses, you’re looking at half resolution with each eye to create the full 1080 HD. Now it’s 4K. So with 4K, you have full resolution, full brightness and full impact in both eyes.


-- The second nuance is ‘glasses free.’ Heretofore, ‘glasses free’ has had a very stepped angle-of-view. What that means is, emanating from the prismatic screen – that’s over the glass – there are specific angles of view. And as you move from side to side, you would see a ‘stepping,’ a shaking of the video image that would contribute to nausea or discomfort. Now that stepping has been eliminated through an invention of putting multiple prisms over one another. There is no longer that stepping effect. It’s now smooth as you go side-to-side, front-to-back. It’s completely smooth and clear.


-- The third is the way in which 3D is created. 3D is very hard to implement for depth of field. So we implemented a new technology that allows you to adjust dynamically the depth of field, so you can actually change the 3-dimensional image from the screen, back into the screen, further back into the screen, forward from the screen. And you’ll notice on this display, you will get a sense of this 3-dimensionality without glasses in full color, full resolution, full brightness without any of the artifacts.


So everything that was bad about 3D is now solved, specifically for digital signage. And that’s the application that we’re exhibiting. It’s not for broadcast. It’s not for the movie theatres. It’s only for digital signage.


When you work with outside video content producers, do they have to do anything special to integrate with your technology?


They don’t. They only need to create the raw content and toss it over to us. We’ll implement the depth-mapping process, which will then create the 3D effect from their content.


And what’s the effect you think this kind of technology has on the signage viewer?


It’s very real. It’s very impactful. You see it as if it’s right there, other than it’s a flat screen in two dimensions. When you look at the display, you will get an ‘Oh wow!’ reaction. It looks lifelike without any of the artifacts I mentioned previously.


There are a number of AV companies, staging and technology companies at this show. Why NMR?


NMR has a unique attribute to its business. The third leg of our business – the content creation – is the sizzle on the steak. It’s the differentiator. Anybody can rent a display, but we will create content or work with the content producer to ensure the content is perfectly applied to the technology. Content drives technology, not the other way around. We have the content expertise in-house. That’s our differentiator.


Anything else you think would be valuable for our audience to know?


We have multiple offices across the United States. And we own our own logistics, meaning our tractor trailers, our trucking. We don’t have to outsource that, which would be an added cost. So we’re able to reduce the cost to the customer yet maintain excellent service.


Jerry, change of topic. Throughout your career, what was the best business or career advice you ever received?


I’ll tell you a little story. Once upon a time in another world, in another life for another company, I was asked to invent a way to identify individuals that were covered with nothing but white sheets. And there is a technology – it’s a biometric technology – that we were able to capture the iris, that’s the colored portion of your eye, at a distance while you’re in motion. So imagine this, you’re in an airport, and you’re being scanned multiple times, from multiple angles, not just straight on and that identification information is being sent to a database to see if you’re on a watch list. That was very important work. And that work is currently deployed by the United States Army in Afghanistan. So the career advice I got was: There are no limits to technology. Use technology to solve problems. And then bring the art forward by implementing a new application.



You can reach Jerry Berger, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development, NMR events, at or 609.395.4395. For more information on the company, visit


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