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Mark Travers
'What's the Definition of 'Busy'? Michael Younder on Event Analytics.

PanVista is an analytics company which takes trade show and behavioral data and turns it into results for event managers. EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Michael Younder, Head of Growth, at the IAEE Expo! Expo! 2015 show in Baltimore. IAEE is one of the premier organizations in the events industry. Younder offered several suggestions for event...Read More

Mark Travers
'Austin Is A Very Marketable Destination for Event Planners', says Genovesi

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Steve Genovesi, Senior Vice President, Sales and Services for the Austin, Texas Convention & Visitors Bureau at the IAEE Expo! Expo! 2015 in Baltimore.   EIA: Tell us about Austin. Why Austin for a convention?   Steve Genovesi: So much has been changing with Austin! We’ve been fortunate to...Read More

Mark Travers
Derse Challenges the Industry to Ask the Hard Questions

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Eric Preston, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Derse, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about your business.   Preston: Derse started as a traditional exhibit company over 65 years ago but we’ve evolved with an agency mentality. By that, I mean we drive business for our...Read More

Mark Travers
Group Delphi Creates Integrated Digital/Physical Experiences for Clients

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Justin Hersh, CEO, Group Delphi, at the ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas.   EIA:  Tell us about Group Delphi.   Hersh: It’s good we’re here in Group Delphi’s exhibit area because it’s a great way to talk about what we do. We see ourselves as makers of awe and wonder. What...Read More

Mark Travers
Mexico City Offers World-Class Destination for Meetings & Events

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Maria Magdalena Sánchez López (at right in photo) and Raquel Ramirez Orozco about Mexico City as a destination. EIA:  Tell me about your organization. Magda:  We represent the Mexico City Tourism Trust. It’s an institution of the government of Mexico City that promotes tourism, with...Read More

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Industry Expertise
Mark Travers
How To Make Sure the Right People Connect at Events

Laura Welsh is CEO of Conference Scheduling Solutions. CSS automates the scheduling process for conferences and events through its patented Smart Scheduler. Rather than requiring back and forth communication between parties, Smart Scheduler invites users to indicate their availability along with whom they'd like to meet and then creates an optimized...Read More

Mark Travers
'Focus On Exhibitor Experiences and Driving Attendance, Not Technology,' says Chandak

Ungerboeck Software is a leading venue and trade show management tool, offering a seamless end-to-end solution. EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Manish Chandak, Chief Technology Officer for Ungerboeck, at the IAEE Expo! Expo! 2015 show in Baltimore. IAEE is one of the premier organizations in the exhibitions industry. Chandak offered these tips...Read More

Email Marketing for Events

Event marketing can be an expensive method of lead generation. With such a large investment in staff, exhibiting space, display purchasing, traveling and other miscellaneous expenses it is essential for companies to get as much return on their investment as possible. Utilizing the power of email marketing is a cost-effective way of creating the desired...Read More

Ashley Andrews
How A Business Can Communicate More Effectively

Work is getting faster, and with it people are getting slower. They are slower because of distraction, being overwhelmed, and lack of clear communication. It’s getting harder for companies to attract consumer attention. And it’s getting harder to communicate within an organization. 2 Ways to Transform Corporate Communication 1. Enhance...Read More

Modular Displays Give Exhibiting Flexibility

One of the important aspects of planning out a trade show, is the decision of what type of trade show display to choose. There are a myriad of options. Basic pipe and drape backwall, banner stands, portable displays, custom displays and even renting a trade show display are options. Deciding on the type of trade show display depends on several factors...Read More

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Products and Services
For Successful Events, 'Keep Attendees Engaged,' says O'Connell

Michael O'Connell is President of Traffic Builders, Inc., a promotions company that helps event owners drive traffic to show floors. EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with O'Connell at the IAEE Expo! Expo! show in Baltimore. IAEE is one of the premier organizations in the events industry. O'Connell offered these suggestions for event owners and planners:       Contact: You...Read More

Ring in the New Year with Fresh Design Trends!

The New Year has arrived and event planners are already busy working on fresh designs to impress their clients. More than ever, the 2016 trends in event décor offer a multitude of options for event professionals to create eclectic and immersive environments. Technology continues to shape events in a profound manner, and planners are challenged...Read More

Mark Travers
CadmiumCD Provides Total Conference Management

CadmiumCD is a software company designed for conference managers, offering a full suite of products for total conference management. All CadmiumCD products are integrated so as to provide an efficient and streamlined process. EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Joe Felperin, Director, Business Development for CadmiumCD, at the IAEE...Read More

Al Tokel
A Jumbotron in every rental booth

Clarity Booths (www.ClarityBooths.com) is providing media-centric rental booths with a 176" Jumbotron in each of their rental line-ups from 10 by 20 up to 30 by 30 theater. Perfect for any company that has a digital story to tell on the tradeshow floor. 201 245 1313   ___________________________ EventsInAmerica.com is a comprehensive directory...Read More

Mark Travers
PowerTower Charging Stations Offer Unique Branding Opportunity at Events.

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Mike Maggini, Sales Manager for PowerTower, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about your business. What’s it all about and who are some of the customers you serve?   Maggini: We manufacture, rent and sell mobile-device charging stations. We have 3 models...Read More

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Mark Travers
'Guidebook is the Simplest Way to Build Mobile Apps,' says Nguyen

  Thuy Vi Nguyen* is a Sales Development Representative for Guidebook, the mobile app development platform that anyone can use. EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Nguyen at the IAEE Expo! Expo! show in Baltimore. IAEE is one of the premier organizations in the events industry. Nguyen offered an overview of Guidebook and gave her...Read More

Mark Travers
'We Can Customize a Technology Solution for Any Event,' says Warren

  Allan Warren is CEO of Active Event Technology, a firm that specializes in custom technology solutions for events. EventsInAmerica.com spoke with Warren at the IAEE Expo! Expo! show in Baltimore. IAEE is one of the premier organizations in the events industry. He offered this overview of his company's services:       Contact: You...Read More

Mark Travers
Corbin Ball on New Technology and Tips for Event Planners

Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, DES, MS is an international speaker, consultant and writer helping clients worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity. With 20 years of experience running international technology meetings, he now is a highly acclaimed speaker with the ability to make complex subjects understandable and fun. EventsInAmerica.com...Read More

8 Amazing Apps For Event Planning Bliss

Looking to upgrade and optimize your event planning? An event planning app may be the answer. Choosing to use an event planning app can increase attendee engagement by up to 33%, increase sponsorship sales by 13%, and alleviate printing costs.* There are several different types of event planning apps, but we’ve focused our attention on apps geared...Read More

Mark Travers
'Content Looks Incredible on the Displays We Rent,' says APG's David Weatherhead

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with David Weatherhead, President, APG Displays at the ExhibitorLive 2015 conference in Las Vegas.   EIA: What do you do at APG and what value does it bring to the events community?   Weatherhead: We are a wholesale rental supplier of video walls and large format displays. We service the exhibit industry...Read More

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Mark Travers
Dan Cole Talks About the Value of Relationships

Hargrove is a woman-owned trade show designer and general service contractor located in Lanham, Maryland, just east of the Capitol Beltway. Its 365,000 square foot facility is a showcase for creative design and quality fabrication. And its expansive and legendary warehouse is home to a vast inventory of decor, props, equipment and furniture. EventsInAmerica.com...Read More

Mark Travers
'We Cross-Pollinate Ideas Better than Anyone Else in the Industry,' says MC2's Rob Murphy

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Rob Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, of MC2 at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA:  MC2 is a big player in the display industry. What’s your focus?   Murphy: We represent Fortune 500 companies who are looking for national and international coverage. We tend to take on programs that...Read More

Mark Travers
'We Manage Everything from A to Z,' says ExhibitPro's Greg Lindsey

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Greg Lindsey, Vice President, Exhibitpro, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about Exhibitpro. What do you do and who are the customers you serve?   Lindsey: Exhibitpro is a 25-year-old woman-owned exhibit and production company, based in New Albany, Ohio. We have 38 people on staff...Read More

Mark Travers
'We're Delivering Better Solutions,' says 3D Exhibit's Gene Faut

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Gene Faut, President of 3D Exhibits, and Nicole Genarella, Senior Vice President of Marketing, at the EXHIBITORLIVE Show in Las Vegas.   EIA: You’ve had impressive growth. Tell us about 3D Exhibits.   Gene: My partner, Bill Dixon, and I started 3D Exhibits in 1995. We wanted to create a customer-focused...Read More

Mark Travers
Classic's Rental Incentive Program: "It's Been Extremely Successful for Us,' says Shelman

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Jim Shelman, General Manager, Classic Rental Solutions, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about Classic Rental Solutions.   Shelman: We have a full turn-key rental program. We offer hybrid exhibit rental solutions, extrusion component structures, laminated counters and pedestals,...Read More

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