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Mark Travers
'We're Delivering Better Solutions,' says 3D Exhibit's Gene Faut

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Gene Faut, President of 3D Exhibits, and Nicole Genarella, Senior Vice President of Marketing, at the EXHIBITORLIVE Show in Las Vegas.   EIA: You’ve had impressive growth. Tell us about 3D Exhibits.   Gene: My partner, Bill Dixon, and I started 3D Exhibits in 1995. We wanted to create a customer-focused...Read More

Mark Travers
Classic's Rental Incentive Program: "It's Been Extremely Successful for Us,' says Shelman

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Jim Shelman, General Manager, Classic Rental Solutions, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about Classic Rental Solutions.   Shelman: We have a full turn-key rental program. We offer hybrid exhibit rental solutions, extrusion component structures, laminated counters and pedestals,...Read More

Mark Travers
'We Have a Passion for This Business,' says Natalie Whited of Orbus

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Natalie Whited, Vice President of Marketing, Orbus, at the ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas.   EIA:  Explain Orbus and its brand structure to us.   Whited:  Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is the holding company for the four brands under the Orbus umbrella. Those brands are Orbus 365,...Read More

Mark Travers
What Does the Future Hold for the Events Industry? David Saef of GES Gives Us His View.

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with David Saef, Executive Vice President, Strategy and MarketWorks, for GES, Global Experience Specialists. Our conversation occurred at the ExhibitorLive 2015 conference in Las Vegas.   EIA: Technology has taken hold of the tradeshow and events industry. What’s your perspective on the use of technology...Read More

Mark Travers
'We Think How the Client Thinks,' says Creatacor's Will Farmer

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Will Farmer, Vice President, Client Services, of Creatacor at the recent ExhibitorLive Show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about Creatacor. What does the company do?   Farmer: Creatacor is a full-service exhibit house. We design, build and manage programs for our clients – any aspect of event marketing...Read More

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Mark Travers
Derse Challenges the Industry to Ask the Hard Questions

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Eric Preston, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Derse, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about your business.   Preston: Derse started as a traditional exhibit company over 65 years ago but we’ve evolved with an agency mentality. By that, I mean we drive business for our...Read More

Mark Travers
Group Delphi Creates Integrated Digital/Physical Experiences for Clients

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Justin Hersh, CEO, Group Delphi, at the ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas.   EIA:  Tell us about Group Delphi.   Hersh: It’s good we’re here in Group Delphi’s exhibit area because it’s a great way to talk about what we do. We see ourselves as makers of awe and wonder. What...Read More

Mark Travers
Mexico City Offers World-Class Destination for Meetings & Events

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Maria Magdalena Sánchez López (at right in photo) and Raquel Ramirez Orozco about Mexico City as a destination. EIA:  Tell me about your organization. Magda:  We represent the Mexico City Tourism Trust. It’s an institution of the government of Mexico City that promotes tourism, with...Read More

Mark Travers
Freeman Helps Event Organizers Manage Change, Integrate New Technologies.

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Molly Casey, Vice President, Brand Marketing, for Freeman.  EIA: What are some of the big challenges now in the events industry? Molly Casey:  One of the things we’re suggesting our customers think about is, they have to constantly be evolving in order to continue to attract attendees and keep exhibitors...Read More

Mark Travers
Toronto Seeks More Convention Business from the US

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Rita Medynski, CEM, Sales Manager for The International Centre in Toronto at the IAEE Expo! Expo! in Los Angeles. EIA: What does the trend line look for Toronto in 2015? Rita Medynski: All of our businesses are up. We just hosted a large manufacturing show and all the shows are growing. The industry is taking a...Read More

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Industry Expertise
Make It Count: Managing and Measuring Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

No company decides to participate in trade show marketing without expecting a return on their investment in time and money. But many miss out on the best opportunity for returns by failing to tie their marketing strategy to measurable trade show objectives. Do you want your trade show exhibit to raise awareness of your company? Launch a new product?...Read More

Mark Travers
EXHIBITOR Provides the Education that Trade Show Marketers Need

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with John Pavek, Chief Marketing Officer for EXHIBITOR Media Group at its annual ‘EXHIBITORLIVE’ show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about EXHIBITOR. What function does the Exhibitor brand play in the industry?   Pavek: The EXHIBITOR brand is all about educating tradeshow exhibit managers...Read More

Aaron Johnson
Conference, Trade Show & Meetings Theft

Take note Show Managers & Meeting Planners! Meeting theft is on the rise at National and International Conferences. Make the suspect's job harder and remove the reason or opportunity for them to attempt to steal items in the first place. The goal is to make them think twice about victimizing your client's booths, ballrooms and break out rooms through...Read More

Joanna Stasuk
Planning for a Trade Show, Month by Month

Trade shows favor the prepared. Getting together the requisites to create a great booth and drive return on investment is a process that begins months before the first attendee enters the hall. Thinking in terms of a year-long timeline can help you turn these events into huge opportunities.   The Planning Stages Before committing to a trade show,...Read More

It's All About that Booth

You know you have the best product out there, but trying to convince the throngs of people marching past your booth is like trying to convince them to pluck out their own teeth! What the heck is the problem? Here’s the thing that is going to be hard to accept. The problem is likely you. Maybe your booth isn’t interesting looking. Maybe...Read More

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Products and Services
Mark Travers
Nomadic Launches New Innovative Wall System

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Gwen Parsons, Senior Vice President, Nomadic Display, at the EXHIBITORLIVE show in Las Vegas.   EIA:  You have some news to share.   Parsons: Yes, we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary this year. In 1975, our founder, Ted Zeigler, invented the pop-up. Today, we have a complete...Read More

Roger Quach
How To Design the Perfect Message For Your Next Trade Show

If you rely on trade shows to draw customers to your business, you are most likely familiar with exhibit displays. These are used to market and advertise your personal brand. It is vital to design and develop the perfect trade show pop up displays that will attract potential customers to your booth. There are many different things that you need to incorporate...Read More

Michael Pierce
What Kind of Display Stand Should I Use?

What Kind of Display Stand Should I Use? There are countless types of display systems hitting the exhibition stand market every year; every iteration improving upon the last in terms of ease of assembly, weight, durability, and other factors.  Over the years, tastes have changed in the exhibition stand market. With more businesses travelling...Read More

Jenn Waters
Content for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Inbound marketing describes activities that bring visitors to you. One key driver behind inbound marketing efforts is content. You need to have content to share across different platforms, on a consistent basis. The goal is to position your association as a go-to expert in your field – providing information and knowledge that cannot be found...Read More

Make Mobile the Secret Sauce for Your Next Trade Show

Another International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has come and gone. But that was only the start of the trade show, convention, expo season. Mobile World Congress is just around the corner. As usual, expectations are high for it to be yet another exciting show for both vendors and attendees.  But the big shows are not the only exciting...Read More

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Mark Travers
Improved Technology for the Trade Show Industry Propels ExhibitForce

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Gwen Hill, Senior Vice President, Business Development for ExhibitForce at the ExhibitorLive conference in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about ExhibitForce. What’s the brand story?   Hill: We started 12 years ago providing event and project management technology for the industry, giving customers...Read More

Mark Travers
'Content Drives Technology, Not the Other Way Around,' says NMR's Berger

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Jerry Berger, Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development, of NMR Events, at the recent ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas.   EIA: Tell us about NMR Events. What’s the brand all about?   Berger:  NMR Events is a national tradeshow, staging, and content creation company. We focus...Read More

Mark Travers
Connectivity and Mobile Technology Drive DoubleDutch, Says Hawkins.

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Jen Hawkins, Director of Marketing for DoubleDutch, about the company’s fast start and hockey-stick growth.   EIA: Tell us about DoubleDutch. When and why did the company start?   Hawkins: DoubleDutch started January 2011. The founders were at the event, South By Southwest, and were frustrated...Read More

Mark Travers
Gather Digital Builds 'Discoverable' Apps for Events Industry

EventsInAmerica.com (EIA) spoke with Ben Comer of Gather Digital. EIA: What is Gather Digital? Ben Comer: Gather Digital is a leading provider of mobile apps for events, conferences and member organizations. We’ve been in business since 2009, so we’re one of the first providers of mobile apps for events as well as member organizations....Read More

Mark Travers
Tanzer Outlines the Four Key Components of Choosing an App Developer

EventsInAmerica.com spoke with Steven Tanzer, President of TripBuilder Media. EIA:  What is TripBuilder Media? Tell us about your company. Steven Tanzer: We’ve been in business for over 25 years and have a proven track record of enhancing events, both through our mobile applications and our folding event media. And some of the unique...Read More

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